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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: September 11 - 17

Posted on Sep 20, 2016

In this weekly insurance claim update, we survey the next generation in insurance claim assessment: the drone. Insurance companies are utilizing this technology to assess damage. By employing drones, multiple homes or businesses can be viewed more quickly than if done by a single individual. 

The Waiting Game

One of the major hurdles homeowners face while their claim is in limbo is waiting for the damage to be assessed. You know you have holes in your roof caused by hail, or a sunken roof caused by rain. But the insurance company has to see it to believe it.

The Trend is still New

Don't expect to see be constantly ducking out of the way from insurance drones just yet. Currently the Allstate insurance company has taken the lead and is testing out drone technology for hail damage incurred in Texas. 

Hail storms hit the San Antonio area months ago from April to June. So much damage was caused, that Allstate has had a difficult time assessing the impacted residences and businesses in a timely manner. Enter...the quad-copter!

Not Enough Contractors

Contractors have been busily fixing away; but too many homes still await inspection. The addition of drones means owners can expect their insurance claim to begin being processed, since Allstate can work faster on damage inspection. 

Safety First

The idea behind employing drones is that it is safer than people having to climb up on top of roofs to assess damage. Allstate works with EagleView Technology Corporation and Kespry to inspect buildings. These companies take the footage they capture of the damage, and create 3D versions for the insurance company.

Texas was Testing Ground #2

Although this drone usage is a first for San Antonio, Allstate actually already employed drones in another state: Colorado. But changes in FAA regulations has enabled Allstate to expand its use.

Allstate is legally able to fly drones for damage assessment by acquiring a certification through a course. This course allows one drone pilot (not necessarily one who is a professional) and no spotter (who would look for obstacles) is required by the FAA anymore. 

Still Waiting for a Drone Near you?

Allstate hopes that using drones to assess claims will speed up the insurance filing process. This technology is still in its infancy, and has a ways to go before it is considered common practice. 

Because you might not yet have speedy drones ready to inspect your damage claim, contact us at the Voss Law Firmtoday. We specialize in getting clients the money they need after their insurance company denies their claims (Commercial, Industrial and Residential).

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