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6 Tips for Working With the Insurance Company After a Residential Theft in Texas

After the initial shock of your home being burglarized wears off, you are left with the realization that you need to file a theft insurance claim for damages and stolen items. During a time like this when your nerves are rattled and you may be overwhelmed, you need to follow these tips:
  1. Read your insurance policy carefully to understand your coverage and how to report a residential theft claim in Texas properly.
  2. Call your insurance company to report the theft. Do NOT give them a list of your stolen items at this point. Let them know that you are calling to let them know of the incident that took place, but that you do not have your complete list of stolen items and damages yet.
  3. Ask your insurance agent about their process and if they will be working with the police department regarding the theft to your home. 
  4. Document every single thing you do. For example, write down who you talked with at the insurance agency, the date, time and any notes relating to what was said on the phone call.
  5. Keep a folder with everything relating to your theft claim including your notes, photos of the damage, expenses and receipts. Do not send the insurance company your last copy of any document. If they are requesting originals, then keep copies for your records. 
  6. Stay in contact with the insurance agent and police regarding your Texas theft claim.

If your insurance company is not willing to reimburse you for an item's replacement cost, you need to contact a skilled insurance claim attorney who has experience handling these types of claims and knows how to negotiate with the insurance company. You should not have to suffer a financial loss due to a theft.

An insurance company may explain to you that certain stolen items are not covered under your policy. Remember, to write everything down they tell you and call the Voss Law Firm today to speak with a qualified Texas insurance litigation attorney in a free, no-obligation legal consultation. Call today at 888-614-7730.

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