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More So-Called Coin Professionals Are Getting Arrested Across The Country For Coin Scams And Fraud

I have been reading article after article about Attorney Generals and other Law Enforcement Agencies across the country stepping up against coin fraud in this country.  If you have followed our Blog you will know that we are constantly telling our clients' stories about getting ripped off by so-called reputable coin dealers around the country.  We continue to get e-mails and calls from consumers on a dialy basis complaining about their dealings with a coin dealer.  We hope one day these e-mails and calls stop - due to increased pressure by authorities.  Once these fraudsters start realzing their actions will get them put in jail maybe they will stop taking advantage of consumers.


There are numerous large coin companies that you see on TV every single day of the week that continue to take advantage of the eldery and general consumer base - many of these companies have hired high priced spokespersons to help lure unsuspecting consumers into the process.  DO NOT GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THESE BAD ACTORS.


If you have a story about a coin deal gone bad, please reach out and tell us.  We are here for you and can help.

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