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Problems with Purchasing Rare Coins on Television

If you know that you want to invest in gold or silver but don’t know where to start, you may look to the television. It seems easy, right? With just one push of a button, you are watching the Home Shopping Network and starting to realize that you can own a coin relatively quickly by dialing the phone number you see on the TV. 
So, what’s the harm?
The coins the Home Shopping Network sells to the public are generally overpriced for what the coin is graded. They don’t tell you much information about the coin you are about to purchase. Additionally, you don’t really have time to comparison shop. 
Just recently, the U.S. Mint released the 25th Anniversary American Eagle set, and the Home Shopping Network was selling it for about five times the amount the U.S. Mint sold it for. 
If you want to purchase gold bullion and numismatic gold coins, start by doing your research. By taking an active interest in anything you can get your hands on – books, news articles, blogs – you will gain a lot of information regarding what makes a coin valuable, such as the grade, condition, rarity and the spot gold price. Gaining this information and doing comparative shopping will help you avoid becoming a victim of gold coin fraud. 
However, if you still find yourself a victim of a gold coin scam, you may have rights. Find out more from a knowledgeable Texas gold coin fraud attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730. Also, make sure you request a free legal consultation and a free copy of our book, Coin Fraud – Is Your Investment at Risk?
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