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Tornados Can Cause Several Stages of Damage to Industrial Roofing

Even the toughest and most well-designed industrial roof isn’t completely immune to damage in a severe tornado. Roof damages usually account for a large percentage of insurance claims from industrial policyholders after a tornado disaster, regardless of the severity of the storm. While the exact damages sustained in different tornadic events are never exactly the same and difficult to predict down to the detail, tornados do generally cause several predictable stages of damage to industrial roofs:

  • Mild. High winds accompanying a tornado can loosen or detach outer roofing material and cause stress on raised areas, eaves, corners, and wind-facing features.
  • Moderate. With the pressure of the wind, the roof begins to lift away from walls, and the roof membrane may be damaged. Flying debris may also puncture or crush sections of roof, and large sections of outer roofing material may be removed.
  • Severe. The roof is lifted away from the building with the combination of internal and external wind pressure, causing extensive structural damage and possible total collapse. Large, heavy debris tossed by the storm may puncture or push roofs off the walls, and buildings can be crushed.

Roof Damage Puts Industrial Policyholders at a Loss—No Matter How Severe the Storm

When tornados leave a path of losses, policyholders depend on their insurance coverage for a full recovery, but they often have trouble getting the results they expect. Are you having trouble getting a fair outcome on an insurance claim for damage to an industrial roof? Get one-on-one help with your concerns by talking with one of our experienced policyholder attorneys today.


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