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Strong earthquakes have increased in the last few years, from the deadly quake in Haiti to Japan, New Zealand and more than 20 earthquakes reaching a magnitude of 7.0 or higher worldwide. And, the U.S. is not immune. In the last year, people have been injured in California and Oklahoma due to strong quakes.

Although most people believe that California is in line for the “Big One” due to the San Andreas fault along the West Coast, evidence from these recent quakes indicates that no one area is safe.

Could Middle America See the “Big One” Anytime Soon?

Scientists are predicting that the “Big One,” a very large earthquake, could hit within the next 30 years. Sadly, many homeowners are not prepared for this to occur, as they are without earthquake insurance. While most people believe the damage would be centered in California, many do not realize that there are fault lines that run across the heartland.

Just last year, people from Dallas to Kansas City felt the Oklahoma earthquake, said research seismologist Austin Holland for the Oklahoma Geological Survey. Earthquakes are occurring more frequently in Oklahoma, and even Arkansas has seen a spike in earthquake activity.

Holland said that although the odds of the Big One occurring there are low, “it is a real possibility that an earthquake could occur somewhere in the mid-continent.”

Homeowners should prepare for the “Big One” and any size earthquake by getting earthquake insurance today. If you have questions about earthquake insurance, how much you should get, and why you should get it, you are welcome to speak with a knowledgeable Texas insurance litigation lawyer at the Voss Law Firm today. You can call 888-614-7730 to schedule your appointment and request a free copy of our book, Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know.
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