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What Can I Do if I Received a Different Coin Than I Purchased on eBay?

When you purchase a coin on eBay, it is buyer beware. Unfortunately, eBay doesn't do a whole lot to protect consumers from their purchases, as there is a lack of regulation. Although you can take a look at the seller's feedback rating and how long they have been registered on the site, this does not always paint an accurate picture.

Some sellers are conmen on eBay and others are legitimate coin dealers, but how can you tell the difference? Some sellers on eBay keep their identity anonymous or conceal their contact details. This may be a warning sign not to purchase coins from that seller. Look for a seller who has a good feedback rating, advertises their contact information, and describes the coin they are selling well. Even with that being said, there may be a chance that you get a different coin than what you think you bid on.

Almost half of the gold coins being sold on eBay are being incorrectly described or wrongly graded, and some are fake, counterfeits or forgeries. There may be nothing you can do after you receive a different coin than you ordered. For this reason alone, it is wise that you do not purchase gold coins on eBay.

If you did get a coin that was wrongly graded or fake through eBay, you can ask the seller to refund your money and take the coin back. If the seller does not do this, you can also give them a poor feedback rating, and notify eBay officials regarding the coin fraud scam.

If you purchased the coin from a coin dealer, then you should contact that dealer and ask them to make it right. You can also report this incident to the FTC, Attorney General, and any professional associations the coin dealer belongs to. You should also contact an attorney who specializes in gold coin fraud.

If you believe you have been a victim of a gold coin fraud, please call Bill Voss, an experienced Texas coin fraud lawyer, at the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation.

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