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What to Do if Your Hurricane Sandy Vehicle Claim Value Comes in Too Low

Hurricane Sandy has caused tens of billions of dollars in damage up and down the East Coast. But that damage isn’t just to homes and buildings - thousands, if not tens of thousands - of people have had damage to their car, SUV, truck or van because of Hurricane Sandy. If your vehicle insurance claim value comes back from your insurer too low, here’s what you can do to get a better valuation:

What Does Your Policy Say?
Before you start arguing with your car insurance company, find out how they’re assigning a value to your claim and compare that with your car insurance policy. Are they missing any coverage? Is there anything in your policy that you can use to dispute their valuation? Do they have a basis for assigning a low value to your claim?

Did You Have any Personal Property Damaged in Your Vehicle?
If you had personal property, like a laptop, a cell phone or an iPad in your car - the money to replace this personal property will probably come from your homeowners’ insurance policy, not your car insurance policy. Check your coverage details on both policies, and if necessary, file a claim for your personal property through your homeowners’ insurer. That may account for the cash shortfall.

Get An Outside Estimate
Insurance companies typically base the value for your claim on the cost for repairs as provided by their partner - a repair shop with whom they have a deal. This estimate may be biased in favor of the insurance company, so you should get an outside estimate from a repair shop that you trust. Use this estimate to debate the cost with your insurer.

Dispute The Claim
Once you have documentation to support your value for your car damage claim, dispute the claim with the insurer. Insurers vary, so the exact procedure to dispute your low claim value may be different, but in most cases, you’ll file a written appeal and provide copies of your documentation. Check with your insurer, though, to be sure you file a dispute in the appropriate manner.

Hire a Qualified Hurricane Insurance Lawyer
If an appeal doesn’t get you anywhere, or you’re not comfortable filing a dispute for fear that you may document it incorrectly, hire a qualified insurance claims lawyer. A good Policyholder Insurance Attorney, like Bill Voss, knows how insurers work and can use the right language to motivate your car insurance company and get you a good settlement.

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