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Can’t I just tell the insurance company how much it will cost me to fix the hail damage to my boat myself?

While you can generally choose where you get hail repairs done, or even choose to do them yourself, you might want to make sure that you’re aren’t accidentally “guessing” yourself out of money you deserve. While you may have the skill and equipment to perform the necessary repairs, you’ll want to make sure you get a full and accurate assessment of the damage done by the hailstorm—preferably by a professional of your own choosing.

Hail damage can be especially tricky for boat owners, and it isn’t easy to spot the full-extent of damage to a boat. Minor issues can be overlooked, only to become major issues later on. Leaks can be missed in the initial walk-through, and you could end up with a much more expensive repair later on. The more you try to guess at the total costs of hail damage, the more likely it is that you’ll guess wrong and resolve a claim for far less than it’s really worth.

To add to the problem, insurance companies often attempt to minimize marine hail claims, and marine policyholders can be convinced that doing repairs themselves may be the only way to afford recovery from a major hailstorm.

Before you wreck your marine hail-damage claim, get informed about your rights as a policyholder. Learn more about handling boat insurance claims by reaching out to our legal team directly or requesting a free copy of our book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance.


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