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How does the federal government assist local governments in a natural disaster or emergency?

Depending on the type and extent of the damage, some local governments affected by natural disasters or extreme weather may qualify for additional state and federal assistance. At the federal level, this assistance may consist of:

  • Grant and loan programs to assist with recovery from major disasters
  • Financial assistance for disaster training, personnel costs, and equipment
  • Educational materials for public information and community preparedness

However, it is worth mentioning that much of the burden of recovery after a natural disaster or severe weather event still falls to the local government, and federal assistance alone isn’t always enough to take care of the totality of your community’s needs. Even with help from the state, needs must be prioritized in order to manage limited resources in the short-term, and residents will be looking to you for direction and relief. For many repairs and damages, your municipality will have to rely on its governmental insurance coverage—and it’s not always as easy as it should be to collect compensation after an emergency.

While federal assistance is a boon to struggling communities, it can take time—and the health of your municipality can’t always wait. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, communities often must rely on the resources and disaster response teams available locally. For more information about creating an effective response and recovery plan for your community, reach out to our legal team today, or subscribe to our newsletter for regular tips and updates.

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