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How do I file a condo insurance claim?

Filing a condo insurance claim is much like filing a homeowners’ insurance claim, but with one key difference: you must determine whether the damage is covered by your personal policy or the policy of your condo association. If your condo has been damaged or you have suffered a loss of property, take the following steps to file a condo insurance claim:

  • Document the incident. Note the date and time of the damage as well as any other information available. Take pictures of the damage and collect any other evidence that is available.
  • Read your policy closely. It is important to have a good understanding of the contract you have with your insurance company before you call. Pay close attention to the portions of your policy that discuss the type of loss event that you have experienced.
  • Call your insurance company. Let them know what has happened and what the perceived damage is. They will assign you a claims adjuster.
  • Call your condo association. Let them know what has happened and determine whether the damage may be covered under the condo association’s insurance policy. It may be that some damage is covered by different policies. You may need to put your insurance company in touch with your condo association’s insurance company.
  • Take steps to make your property safe and stop further damage. Don’t wait to fix emergency issues with your property—especially issues that will require further repairs. Also do not leave your property in a condition that could expose others to danger.

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