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Is there anything I can do to speed up the claims process?

Priority will be given to the most severe losses. Also, be aware that larger claims will be settled in stages, not all at once.

While waiting for the adjuster, there are a number of things you can do:

* You may wish to secure repair estimates (preferably at least three) for the adjuster to review. This will help the adjuster with the settlement process and let you be more aware of the true costs of repair.

* Take pictures of the damaged property. If you have pictures of the property before the loss, these should be provided to the adjuster.

* Make a list of all damaged property, including a description, age, original cost, place of purchase and estimated replacement cost. Any receipts or canceled checks for these items should also be included.

* When ownership, purchase or accounting records have been destroyed, sometimes it’s possible to reconstruct those records by working with one’s accountant or bookkeeper – suppliers, vendors or others.

* The insurance adjuster should work with you and make helpful suggestions to assist in this process.

* If you have trouble, contact our firm and we will get matters straight.

* Don’t forget, as a consumer, the Department of Insurance is also a good and free resource.
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