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What is "Warehouse-to-Warehouse" coverage?

Most cargo insurance protects goods in transit from the time they leave the shipper’s warehouse until they reach the consignee’s warehouse, as long as they are not taken out of the normal course of transit by the insured.

However, there are circumstances when:

1. The terms of purchase or sale determine when insurance is in effect.

2. Insurance may not go into effect until the goods are placed on the conveyance.

3. Insurance may cease when the goods are discharged from the conveyance or when the conveyance arrives at the port.

In addition, insurance is not in effect if the goods do not travel via common carrier, i.e., they are picked up or delivered by the shipper or consignee. If you have any questions on a specific shipment, please contact us to determine what rights and remedies you may have in place at the time of loss.

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