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After an industrial disaster, how can I save my brand from damage?

Most industrial insurance attorneys will tell you that the most important thing to do after your business is affected by a loss event is to file a claim with your insurance company. However, at Voss Law Firm, we understand that there are several other immediate actions you need to take to protect your company and to protect your brand.

Why may your brand be in danger after an adverse event? Even if the incident has nothing to do with your actions (such as a hurricane), the public may associate your company’s name with accidents, negligence, or simply poor business. It is your responsibility to explain exactly what happened and why after a loss event – and to let the media know what actions you are taking to remedy the situation.

The most vital aspect of protecting your brand after a loss event is communication. You need to communicate quickly and accurately with the following four groups:

  • Your employees
  • Your customers
  • The media
  • The public

Get the facts before you communicate with anyone. Next, inform your employees of all of the information you have – and let them know not to share information with the media or on their personal social media accounts. Next, have a spokesperson inform the media, either through a press conference or press release. Finally, connect with the public by updating your social media accounts and website with accurate, clear information. Consider adding video content as well as written content.

Working with a law firm that works to get your insurance claim paid AND to protect your brand after a loss event can help your company emerge from disaster with your best foot forward. Learn more about industrial insurance claims here.

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