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How do I obtain my medical records?

State law allows a patient the legal right to obtain copies of medical records. A request for copies of the medical records, made in writing, is presented to the medical facility. It will take time to obtain the records, and frequently requests need to be made in a number of areas. For example, the treating physician's records will contain any prescriptions written for a patient, but not the pharmacist's records of a patient's history of consultations (that log book you sign when you pick up your prescription) containing complaints of side effects and other drug interactions. You may need to contact a number of service providers.

Often, there is a per page copy charge assessed to obtain these records.

Include with your request:

* Your exact, correctly spelled name and/or any other names you may have been known as, especially at the time you received treatment;

* Your social security number;

* Your date of birth; and

* Your patient number, if you know it. Patients often have billing statements, but their account number isn't always their patient number.
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