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How should I prepare my Hurricane Sandy insurance claim after my Maine business suffered losses?

After Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast and swept through the mid-Atlantic, many people incurred property damage and expenses from power outages and flood damage. Additionally, business owners throughout the affected states were left with business-interruption expenses.

Here are some tips for Maine business owners dealing with an insurance claim:

  • Review your insurance policy to determine your coverage and to find out if notice to the insurance company is required in a specific manner, such as an email, fax, or letter.
  • If you haven’t done so already, contact your insurance company and update them about the losses your company incurred. It is also wise to let your specific insurance agent or broker know about your commercial property damages.
  • Use caution when talking with the agent, broker, or insurance company, and choose your words carefully to limit your liability. Instead of saying “my building was flooded,” try saying “there is water in the building.”
  • Save any receipts that relate to the property damages. These can include expenses for materials and tarps to protect the property from further damages as well as expenses for a temporary business move.
  • Make an inventory list of all items that were damaged and take photographs. Be prepared to prepare a “proof of loss” document.
  • Be aware that the insurance company will inspect your property as well as your books and records.
  • Call an experienced commercial insurance claim attorney as soon as possible to make sure you don’t make any mistakes along the way that could cost you money in the settlement of your claim. The Voss Law Firm can help you. Call us today at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation.
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