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How should the investigation process work?

When a hailstorm creates a large volume of claims, insurance companies typically establish a system to get out and see properties damaged by the hail storm.  However, they usually do this based on a "worst cases first" process.  This is absolutely not fair.  Insurance companies always seem to have enough people on staff to collect premiums, but when it comes to paying claims they way too often find excuses and drag their feet.

If your home or business has sustained hail damage, an adjuster should contact you at one of the phone numbers you provided when you reported your claim. They should do this in very short order after your claim is filed.  The two of you will schedule an inspection of your home, after which the adjuster will develop an estimate and issue payment for repairs covered by your policy.  If the insurance company or adjuster fails to timely evaluate your claim, or offers way too little to repair your damage, contact a qualified insurance litigation attorney, such as Bill Voss for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation.
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