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My elderly mom was a victim of gold fraud. Why are seniors being targeted for gold fraud, and what can I do about it?

Unfortunately, seniors are targeted by scam artists because seniors are part of a generation that is more trusting. Some seniors believe every word another person tells them because they are from a day where a man's word was his bond. Con artists play off of their trusting nature to try to sell many different things.

One type of sales scam that targets seniors is gold coin scams. Texas gold coin fraud attorney Bill Voss recently told the Star Tribune newspaper that elderly people are particularly vulnerable to gold coin scams. Some older people get a large number of calls a day from scam artists that use high pressure sales tactics to sell overpriced gold coins.

If your parent was overcharged for gold or promised their coins were going to increase in value, then you may have a gold fraud claim against that company. You may call that company to see if they will rectify it. If they do not, then you can complain to the FTC and also call an attorney who specializes in gold fraud and rare coin fraud litigation.

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